always remember the tiny details of your baby's birth day


You didn't have to worry about fumbling with the camera throughout your baby's birth day.

you had each and every detail artistically and professionally photographed.

you had no regrets when it came to giving birth to your baby!


if we've never met...

i'm ashley! i offer birth photography for moms like you!

When I gave birth, I took pictures of my boys in the hospital before we left to go home. Looking back, I wish I had photos that could tell the entire story of their birth.

Giving birth to your baby is one of the most special days of your entire life. You would have a wedding photographed, so why not have the birth of your baby photographed?

Having a family member try to take photos of your baby's birth may result in disappointment at the result. Trying to remember to take the photos yourself is a lot to do when there's already so much going on the day you deliver your baby.

I offer birth photography for moms who adore their family and want to cherish every detail through photos.

"It seems like so long ago, and yet all of the emotions come back when I see that."
-Rachel, ashley lauren photography birth client

Birth Photography is a
photojournalistic style of photography to show off what's unique about your family & birth!

Here's what you'll get:

my on-call time, 24/7 from 38 weeks until you deliver!

unlimited time at your birth from active labor through 2 hours after delivery

50 digital images included

print release

i'm ready to apply!

"ashley took one of the most precious moments of my life and froze it forever in time for me. she captured a side of my labor and delivery i otherwise would not have seen, and for that i am forever grateful."
-katie, ashley lauren photography birth client

and then there are


bonus #1
$250 newborn session credit

bonus #2
complimentary consultation
before your birth

you'll get $250 toward a newborn session if you're selected for the birth photography model call!

a 60 minute consultation at your home so we can discuss your birth preferences as well as get to know each other!

Sounds great!

so, how much does it cost?

including on-call time,unlimited time photographing your birth, and all digital images... 

the total value is $2,500

However, if you're accepted as this model call, you're going to get everything at a steep discount!

What does it mean to be a

 birth photography model?

As a birth photography model, you're getting a significant discount on birth photography so I can build my portfolio.

A mom who signs up for this model call will be asked to sign a model release in exchange for the discount so I can promote home birth photography to other moms! I will only share PG images on social media.

Apply now!

$416 for 3 months


$1,250 pay in full

$2500 value for $1250

on-call 24/7 from 38 weeks until delivery

unlimited time at your birth

50 digital images

home birth photography
model call

There are only 4 spots available at this discounted price. Once those spots are filled, the price will increase!

how it works:




click "apply now" if your due date is between november 5-december 31 

Fill out the application. if you're chosen, you'll be notified by october 31

pay your invoice and schedule your consultation date! 

Then relax and enjoy your baby's birth day without worrying about photos!

i'm ready to apply!

i'm ready to apply!