Thank You

As 2014 begins, I took some time to reflect on my business as a whole for 2013. When I think back on my year, I find myself wanting to tweak certain areas of my business, improve on various things, and gain more new clients. But when I was thinking about all of those things this past week, I realized that none of this would be possible without my clients. I want to thank my clients for giving me the honor of trusting me to photograph you, your families, your babies, and your life. I know that there are numerous photographers to choose from, so I am humbled that you chose me to be one to give you pictures you will cherish for years to come.
To my wedding clients: thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special and incredible day. I love nothing more than the feeling of excitement on a wedding day, and the happiness that is shared by everyone. To my family and newborn clients: thank you for allowing me to capture such a special moment in your lives. Whether your children are brand new, or are teenagers, you always want to freeze that moment in time, and remember them how they are at that moment. I love being a part of that moment.
One of my goals for my business this year is to allow myself – Ashley – to come through more, and make my business seem more “human”. In doing that, I can’t thank you all enough for allowing me to be human this past year. Thank you for being patient with me when I was behind in editing. Thank you for allowing me to reschedule a shoot because of a sick baby  – or a sick mom. Thank you for reminding me about an upcoming session. In short, thank you for being you! Being a full-time mom, teacher, and photographer all in one is enough to wear me out on any given day. There are days when I think I’m going to lose my mind because I can’t do it all. But none of us can do it all, and I’ve started living my life from day to day. I just focus on what needs to be done the next day. Otherwise, I’ll go crazy! 🙂
I am so grateful to each and every one of my clients, and I sincerely hope to work with each of you again this coming year! Here’s to a great 2014, and to each of us allowing ourselves to be a little more “human” each day. Cheers!

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