Leo Joseph – Lifestyle Newborn – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Hopefully you had a chance to check out Leo’s birth story. I was fortunate enough to be able to head to Joe and Rachel’s house for a lifestyle session with them after they were settled in at home.
Lifestyle sessions are a great way to incorporate subtle, yet meaningful details. Joe’s mom has passed away, but we were able to include her in the session by getting some shots of Rachel rocking Leo in the same rocking chair that Joe’s mom did when he was a baby. These are some of my favorites from their session. Enjoy!
2019-11-21_0001.jpg 2019-11-21_0003.jpg 2019-11-21_0004.jpg 2019-11-21_0002.jpg 2019-11-21_0005.jpg 2019-11-21_0006.jpg 2019-11-21_0007.jpg 2019-11-21_0009.jpg 2019-11-21_0008.jpg 2019-11-21_0010.jpg 2019-11-21_0011.jpg 2019-11-21_0012.jpg 2019-11-21_0013.jpg 2019-11-21_0014.jpg 2019-11-21_0015.jpg 2019-11-21_0016.jpg

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