Mom Must-Haves: Spring 2023

It’s hard to believe Spring is right around the corner. It seems like each season picks up the pace and is able to come and go so quickly each year. As much as I love Fall in Indiana, there’s something so refreshing about Springtime: the colors start coming alive again outdoors, the air is fresh and crisp, the days are getting longer (hello, sunshine!), and the people seem to have a little pep in their step as the world wakes up again.

If you’re anything like me, Spring is also a time that you’re organizing and cleaning your home. Purging kids’ clothes for the next season, finally getting around to that to-do list around the house for projects, and doing all of this with the windows open is one of my favorite things to do around our house this time of year.

One of the things I usually add to my to-do list this time of year is making a list of the items I’ll need to get for the coming season. This can be anything from household cleaning items I need, down to some of the Spring essentials I’ll need for our boys. Since our boys are big outdoor goers, this is the perfect time for me to check in on their outdoor clothing, shoes, and sports equipment. I usually make sure we’re all set for pool items as well since we spend lots of time there. I make a note in my phone of things that need replaced as I’m cleaning out closets.

This is also a great time of year to put things on your radar for upcoming vacations and trips. Do you have a go-to bag for things to keep kids busy on roadtrips or days spent at the soccer field? Take a quick inventory of those items and replace anything that’s broken or donate anything that isn’t used anymore. Bonus: I try to keep these types of toys/games separate from others in our house so our boys are more excited to play with them since they don’t see them out as often.

I’m sharing some of my favorite finds for Spring, from household items to toys, below! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Household Organizing Must Haves

Water Bottle Organizer

Closet Organization Boxes

Packing Cubes – Lots of options for the price!

Closet/Sink/Kitchen Plastic Bins

Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Label

Sink Mat

O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop System – This is the mop I use and I love it!

Trunk organizer – I love putting groceries in mine so they don’t slide around in your trunk!

Fun Spring Must Haves

Go-To Tumbler – So many cute colors!

Paper Planner – Always an essential of mine.

My Favorite Transitional Hoodie

Easy Stacked Necklace Set

Tote Bag – Great for holding those road trip essentials.

Spring Outdoor Toy/Game Must Haves

Catch/Toss Velcro Game – Always a fun thing to have at a campground or park!

National Geographic Air Rocket Toy

Butterfly Kit – This was a HUGE hit for our boys!

Rock Painting Kit – Fun to paint and leave along trails or in parks!

Kid Clothing/Shoe Must Haves

Water Shoes – Great for creek stomping!

Our Favorite Slip-On Shoes


Classic Hat

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